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Why Hire
U.S. Security Care, Inc.

US Security Care, Inc. is devoted to providing clients with timely, dependable and critical security services. We seek to establish long-term client contracts based upon performance and value. To achieve this, we approach each and every business relationship with passion and dedication. We never forget that our most valued asset is you, our clients.

On a daily basis, USSC, Inc. protects people and prevents losses around the globe. We recruit former federal protective security, law enforcement and military personnel, assuring that all our agents have the discipline and aptitude required for protective assignments.  All USSC, Inc. personnel undergo background investigations and are subject to drug testing.

Agent Training

The Mission of US Security Care, Inc.’s Training Unit is to develop and implement credible, legally defensible, practical training that can be used to increase performance, mitigate risk and protect our clients from all hazards.

Our training staff has a combined 60+ years of operational and coaching experience.

Although US Security Care’s Training Programs are based off of years of industry specific research, our staff present this training in a deliberately jargon free communication style that is down to earth and  produces immediate results. Our training programs are highly interactive with in-sight filled presentations designed to spark team discussions that are reinforced with practical application of techniques to real-life situations.  Whenever appropriate, the program includes practical exercises, teaching/testing scenarios, contextual training, and simulations.   A description of each exercise includes, where applicable: learning objectives; centralized scripted scenarios; performance measures; standardization; grading guidelines; review of risk assessment.

Our training program is designed to deliver the tangible benefits our clients deserve. Our focus is on preparedness and the four broad themes that make up its components; Crisis Planning, Practicing, Performing and Evaluation. We don’t solely rely on training that is based on reading text and answering questions to determine proficiency. Our teaching methods include hands-on objective driven scenarios where experienced trainers work with agents to hone their decision-making skills before they ever interact with the public.

Our program is scalable in that our staff possesses the experience to review each client’s security needs and tailor training to meet the complexity of a given venue. US Security Care utilizes a blended learning methodology for delivery of training consisting of instructor lead, synchronous web based lecture and cloud based asynchronous learning formats.

Our training standard for Armed Agents includes the following components:

  • All armed agents are Pennsylvania Act 235 certified.
  • Quarterly Firearms Training – Agents will receive 8 hours yearly of firearms/tactical training lead by certified NRA Law Enforcement Firearms Instructors, Key activities are centered around Marksmanship Proficiency (Qual), Firearms Safety (on/off duty& range), Agency Firearm Nomenclature and Functioning, Care and Cleaning, Ammunition Nomenclature (Components and Purpose), Fundamentals of Marksmanship, Dim Light Range Exercises, Practical Shooting Techniques, Close Quarter Shooting, Decision Shooting Drills and Scenario Based Training or Force on Force Drills.
  • OC Spray & Handcuffing – 4 hours yearly.
  • CPR, First Aid, AED Training – 4 hours every other year.
  • Use of Force De-escalation Training:  This component is governed by US Security Care Use of Force Policy 1.2.1 and follows all applicable Federal and State law concerning the legal use of force by security personnel. Emphasis is placed on avoidance and de-escalation of force.
  • Conflict Management Training:  This training provides USSC security agents the skills to recognize when aggression is escalating and the verbal ability to effectively diffuse or deflect such situations, protecting themselves and those around them.
  • Behavioral Recognition Training:  Agents are trained in the skills of observation and interview used to determine the presence of persons in public venues who may be involved in the planning or initiation of a terroristic or other criminal act. Training is designed to maximize the ability of assets already deployed to detect high risk persons without the use of any special technologies and is therefore a highly cost effective method of perimeter safety when large crowds are present.
  • Customer Service and interpersonal communication skills are addressed as being important components of providing a pleasant experience to customers that goes beyond providing security.
  • Powers, Obligations and Limitations under the Law
  • Access Control and Emergency Egress – ingress and egress control procedures, evacuation process and how to prepare and assist during an emergency evacuation.
  • Alcohol Management – detect signs of impairment and intoxication and how to effectively cut off service to a customer that is intoxicated.

US Security Care (Unarmed Agent) training includes the following components:

  • CPR and first aid training
  • Interpersonal communication skills
  • Behavioral recognition training
  • Customer service
  • Use of force de-escalation training
  • General Security Practices
  • Report Writing

USSC processes our background checks for all of our salaried staff which includes 30+ restaurants, the corporate office and our catering division, as well as drug testing for a few of our locations that require it. What differentiates them would be the personal relationship and trust that has formed between our company and USSC, and the consistency in their staff. David and Dustin have been our contacts for years and we know that they will do whatever is needed and asked of them. The team is willing to go the extra mile to ensure that we are satisfied and all of our questions are answered.

Danielle Cenneno, HR Generalist
Starr Restaurants

personal security services