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July 28, 2008

Newly Appointed Coordinator Ramps Up Agent Protocols, Standards and Training for U.S. Security Care, Inc. of Blue Bell, PA


After a storied 27-year career with the Pennsylvania State Police, Ken Seagreaves is delivering an impressive new standard for agent protocols, assessments and training at U.S. Security Care, Inc. of Blue Bell, PA.

Seagreaves recently came aboard as the new training coordinator for the protective, investigative services and security consulting firm. As a result, the bar has been raised to an even higher level for the on-going training of the 25 full-time and 80 part-time professional agents who carry out numerous assignments for businesses, corporations and non-profit organizations spanning a wide range of fields. “We are among the very few private security companies who place this much emphasis and expend this amount of resources on professional agent training,” explains Seagreaves.

Seagreaves, during his career with the State Police, was an integral part of a steering committee which established a special “Top Gun” narcotics agent training program for state police forces in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Connecticut, Maryland and Kansas and also served on the committee’s faculty as an expert instructor.

“I’m always striving to make our skilled professional agents more proficient,” he relates. “My job embraces assessing, upgrading and implementing the day-to-day administration of all training functions.”

Seagreaves states that among the many things that he’s adding to the U.S. Security Care agent training regimen is the expansion of its firearms training program. “We’re adding to our protocols and training through more drills aimed at real life situations,” he comments. “We want to provide all of our agents with the type of training which enhances their ability to take instinctive corrective actions prior to encountering those situations in the real world.
All U.S. Security Care agents are certified in firearms under the PA Act 235, the lethal weapons training act. Two U.S. Security Care agents are certified as law enforcement firearms trainers under the aegis National Rifle Association.

In addition to enhanced firearms training, Seagreaves has created a new job-related physical performance assessment. “This is an assessment which not only requires agents to be physically fit but to show proficiency in performing actual on-the-job related functions which might occur while on assignment. “Again, we are carrying out these fitness assessments through an on-going regimen of drills,” he relates.

Also, all full-time U.S. Security Care agents are certified by the Pennsylvania Department of Health as first responders capable of handling medical emergencies, as well as administering CPR and using Automated External Defibrillators (AED). “We additionally have agents certified as Emergency Medical Technicians (EMTs) who receive more on-the-job experience working with outside ambulance squads,” Seagreaves states. “ These agents are usually deployed for executive protection, residential and special event assignments.”

U.S. Security agents also receive driver training through a special three-day evasive driving course which upgrades the company’s overall protective services. “Additionally,” Seagreaves notes, “I’m always researching to find new training topics. We’re currently sending agents for training certification in pepper spray, expanded baton functions and the management of aggressive behaviors. There are not many private security firms who continuously provide such intensive training on an on-going basis,” Seagreaves comments.

Seagreaves is also responsible for the overall administration and management of the agent training program, including all certifications and record keeping.

During his tenure with the Pennsylvania State Police, Seagreaves was assigned to numerous uniform and non-uniform details. He received an associate’s degree in criminal justice administration from Lehigh-Carbon Community College.

U.S. Security Care, Inc. offers security services including security audits, crisis management planning, workplace violence seminars, prevention programs and executive and asset protection for business and corporate executives across a wide spectrum of fields. It also provides services to a variety of non-profit agencies and organizations. The company employs a highly specialized and trained group of agents from civilian law enforcement, military and federal backgrounds.

U.S. Security Care is headquartered at 725 Skippack Pike, Suite 200, Blue Bell, PA 19422 and can be reached at 215-542-7789 (toll free) 877-858-8772 or on the website at www.usscinc.com.

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