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July 10, 2008

Firm Marks 10 Years of Discreet Service

Firm marks 10 years of discreet service
By: GARY PULEO, Times Herald Staff

Training Coordinator Ken Seagreaves, Operation Manager Christine Tumolo, Director of Security Operations Tom Owen and President and CEO Richard Wolfson are celebrating U.S. Security Care’s 10th anniversary.

WHITPAIN – When a securityagent ditches the uniform for a suit and tie, you know you’re dealing with an upscale form of protection.
Celebrating its 10th anniversary, U.S. Security Care Inc. (USSC), headquartered in Blue Bell, is mining an elite niche in the high-end security genre, President and Chief Executive Officer Rich Wolfson said. 

“Our agents look like Secret Service agents. We in essence classify ourselves as a boutique security firm,” he said. “We don’t provide contracting guard work or things like that.”
In more rudimentary circles, your executive protector might be called a bodyguard, but USSC spurns the term. 

“We don’t call them bodyguards because the term in the industry kind of gives off a negative connotation,” Wolfson said. 

“The reason we use ‘executive protection agents’ is because the object is not to confront people and push your way through, the object is to avoid the crowd and get your client from point A to point B as quickly and as conveniently as possible.” 

Mapping out a route is key to ensuring a client’s safety, Wolfson said. 

“There are a host of things we do ahead – what we refer to as the advance – which is preparing the routes and knowing how a man will move someone along.” 

Every agent is fully trained and certified by First Respondent Medicine, he said. 

“Part of our job as security is also to be able to maintain life should a client have a medical emergency, so an agent will have first aid, oxygen and AED (Automatic External Defibrillator), which has been in the news because of Tim Russert. They can ride in an ambulance as well.” 

Luckily, no agent has needed to use the AED on a client in the company’s history, Wolfson added.
As important as it is, protection is only a sliver in the security pie at USSC, which also provides investigative detective and consulting services. 

“Our consulting with businesses often involves workplace violence, policies and procedures, security assessments and security threat analysis and business continuity crisis management,” he said. 

The firm also will beef up the screening process for a company’s potential employees by sifting through state police and county court records in lieu of private data bases, which Wolfson said are not as current in determining history and background. 

“Because of economic considerations and management structure, company security is often being handed off to an operations manager, human resource director or facilities manager. In any of those scenarios, it is not being given the importance, time and resources it requires to be effective,” Wolfson said. 

Thus, USSC came up with a program called “SecureFlex,” designed to provide companies and nonprofit organizations with the desired security management minus the expense of full-time staff, Wolfson noted.
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