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Workplace Violence

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Workplace Violence

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According to the National Center for Health Statistics, one in four workers are attacked, threatened or harassed each year, resulting in $13.5 billion in medical costs and 500,000 employees missing 1.75 million days of work. U.S. Department of Labor statistics tell us that 2 million Americans are victims of workplace violence each year.

The U.S. Security Care Workplace Violence Program assists clients in the development of comprehensive, customized policies and procedures for reporting and addressing workplace violence. The program provides the parameters and benefits of a zero-tolerance policy and illustrates how employee awareness can increase the safety and security of your personnel while limiting liability. Participants discuss the indicators, or red flags, of human behavior that may lead to violence and appropriate prevention tools and techniques. In addition, security steps (including pre-employment screening, background investigations and access control), liability issues and practical case studies are reviewed.

Personalized Program
Our knowledgeable and experienced training professionals will provide a comprehensive, one- to two-day seminar tailored to your executives and employees covering:

  • School and Workplace Active Shooter Response
  • Your current workplace violence policies and procedures
  • Areas of risk and concern to the company and employees
  • Potential for hostile terminations
  • Reporting procedures
  • Security measures to protect your employees, property and data



For most organizations, liability issues, employee relations and security situations do not justify hiring a full-time director of security. Yet, experienced security professionals must address these concerns.

The SecureFlex Program
U.S. Security Care’s SecureFlex program provides hands-on security management without the fixed overhead associated with hiring a security director. SecureFlex offers your company security expertise when and where you need it – from assistance with daily security questions and concerns to short-term assignments, to hostile terminations and HR consulting, to special events or emergencies.

Our customizable security packages meet your company’s security needs. Our SecureFlex experts work with you throughout the implementation of your security and safety program and, for a modest retainer, are available to coordinate your security efforts.

Security Survey

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The U.S. Security Care, Inc. Security Survey entails an analysis of your company’s facility, work force and critical assets, and evaluates its vulnerability to potential threats and risks. The survey results in a matrix that reveals the direct impact of these potential threats and risks on your most valuable assets and operations. The survey provides the information necessary to achieve the appropriate levels of safety and security your organization needs to cost-effectively limit risk and liability and prepare for continued operations during a potential crisis.

The Survey Process  
The Security Survey begins by listening to your key stakeholders and setting objectives. The scope is based on the established objectives, corporate and industry history, and preliminary assessments and analysis. This process typically involves:

  • A thorough assessment of existing security policies and procedures
  • Interviews with senior management and others familiar with the critical assets of the organization and those responsible for establishing and operating the security and safety measures, such as access controls, pre-employment screening, perimeter and interior security, and loss prevention
  • Identification of critical assets, vulnerabilities and threats ranked according to probability and impact
  • Changes in security and safety policies and procedures aimed at mitigating the risks to your organization’s most critical and vulnerable operations

Results-Oriented Reports
USSC, Inc. creates a preliminary report that meets the survey’s objectives and scope. The report assesses critical assets, potential risks and suggested measures to limit exposure and provide stability and business continuity during a potential crisis. The preliminary report is reviewed and discussed with senior management before the final report is prepared to ensure that it meets the organization’s objectives and receives management buy-in.

Security surveys do not follow a laundry list of do’s and don’ts. Each survey is as individual as the industry, company and facility being surveyed. Typical factors include:

  • Scope of operations (local, regional, national, multi-national), location of these operations and number of facilities
  • Amount and value of assets, including people, property and information
  • Visibility of corporation and its executives

The scope and contents of the Security Survey report are determined by continuous communication with the client. We work with you to provide a value-added approach to improved security and safety for your people, property and data.

Business Continuity

Business Continuity Planning

Business Continuity Planning
US Security Care has over 18+ years of experience in responding to critical incidents and events. We can assist your organization in preparing for, responding to and quickly recovering from the impact of crisis situations. Our consultants use a systematic approach to help identify the critical resources necessary to continue operations, communicate with stakeholders, provide assistance to affected employees, protect your reputation and restore operations.

The Business Continuity Plan is a living document and an on-going process that identifies your organization’s core activities before, during and – most important – after a crisis. USSC, Inc. will assess your infrastructure and conduct interviews with key personnel to determine the resources required to maintain operations in a crisis. The assessment identifies assets that require duplication or redundant storage, such as employee and client records. The process also identifies alternative work sites, communications, notification procedures, catering, accountability procedures, systems back-ups and emergency evacuation plans.

Crisis Management Planning

Crisis Management Planning

Crisis Management Planning
A crisis, by definition, is an event that exceeds the available resources an organization has on hand to effectively deal with a threat-related incident. US Security Care consultants will help your organization create plans to avoid, mitigate or manage the consequence of an incident that threatens to harm, or has harmed, your company’s people, structures, ability to operate, valuables and/or reputation. Our experienced consultants can help you adopt a systematic and comprehensive framework for managing the negative impact frequently associated with crisis situations.

Emergency Action Plan
Emergency Action Plans (EAPs) are guidelines used during crisis events such as bomb threats, workplace violence, natural disasters and evacuations. Each EAP determines protocols for employees within specific work areas. US Security Care will work with your company’s representatives to create a customized OSHA compliant plan that will prepare your employees to respond effectively to critical incidents. Using an integrated training methodology based on industry best practices we create training programs to help your staff respond effectively to emergency situations such as Alarms, Bomb Threats, Active-Shooters, Fires, and Severe Weather. Our training includes; Drills, Tabletop Exercises, Functional Exercises, and Full-Scale Simulations developed and facilitated by experienced instructors.



USSC, Inc. brings its training capability to you when and where you need it. We design each of the courses specifically to meet the needs associated with your operational environment.

The mobile training team uses a curriculum tailored to your corporation’s needs, environment and culture. Our programs are based off of years of industry specific research and experience, are presented in a deliberately jargon free communication style that is down to earth and produces immediate results. Instructors work with your corporate security, human resource and risk management departments to design programs to your needs.

Our programs are highly interactive with in-sight filled presentations designed to spark team discussions that are reinforced with practical application of techniques to real-life situations.  Whenever appropriate, the program will include practical exercises, teaching/testing scenarios, contextual training, and simulations.

Our training programs emphasize a proactive approach to security. Whether it involves workplace violence programs or facility protection, individual security awareness or protective detail training, USSC, Inc. programs are designed to anticipate, avoid, transfer or eliminate risks to your organization.

Our instructors do not only teach the skills offered through our mobile training teams, but they practice them as well. USSC, Inc. instructors are field agents who deal with hundreds of risk mitigation issues on an annual basis.

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After many interviews we became certain that US Security Care had both the professional resources and sensitivity to our community's special needs. Their ability to work with our diverse community from initial discussions, seamless planning and final execution holds the project together and keeps everyone on the same page. USSC has performed consistently for the Federation and its agencies, from day care centers through high schools and colleges. We have confidence that they are up to any security need, large or small.

Domenic J. Vallone, Director of Operations
Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia

Jewish Federation of Greater Philadelphia

US Security Care met with us, defined our needs and customized various security packages to comply with our requirements for criminal background checks, education verification and driver’s license validation. Additionally, we needed a resource that had the capability to provide background checks in a rapid manner. Our business needs are forever changing and USSC has always partnered with us to meet our needs and maximize efficiency while remaining within our budget. We have complete visibility online to the progress of our screenings. Our account representative is there to assist us with any urgent or unusual matters and always responds in a professional manner.

Lynn Boland, Benefits Administrator
Gamesa Corporation

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