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July 3, 2008

Caught off Guard : Who Ya Gonna Call?

In the area, a number of firms are the answer for companies needing guards, surveillance 
July 03, 2008 – Frank Rosci, Jewish Exponent Feature

Secure in their roles as safeguards are Richard Wolfson (center), president of U.S. Security Care, Inc.; Christine Tumolo, operations manager; and Tom Owen, director of operations.

Secure in their roles as safeguards are Richard Wolfson (center), president of U.S. Security Care, Inc.; Christine Tumolo, operations manager; and Tom Owen, director of operations.

In these perilous times, security companies — and there are a number of them that assist local businesses — offer a variety of services that range from basic uniformed and plain-clothes guard forces to more detailed, sophisticated forms of protection, including criminal-background investigations and surveillance operations.

Under its assuring slogan, “Safeguards for an Unsafe World,” U.S. Security Care, Inc., in Blue Bell, Pa., offers its corporate and other clients a set of proven business and personal protections, said Richard Wolfson, the company’s CEO.

Services provided by his company, which has worked on a number of Jewish agency events, include background investigations, security audits and threat assessments; workplace-safety policies and training; crisis-management and business-continuity planning; asset protection and executive protection.

“It’s much less expensive for a company to retain us than to have to fill a full-time security position in-house,” claimed Wolfson. Most of the businesses for which U.S. Security provides are small to mid-sized companies.

Overall costs are determined, he stated, on a case-by-case and company-by-company basis. “We customize programs for clients, depending on the scope of their needs and what they want, and that’s what determines the price,” said Wolfson.

Among its several services, he continued, U.S. Security’s pre-employment screenings are a valuable option for companies: “In today’s work and business environment, no company, regardless of its size, should do without pre-employment background and past history investigations. They are the first step in the avoidance process and are most essential.”

In the screening process, county, state and federal criminal searches are undertaken. Said Wolfson: “U.S. Security takes pre-employment screening to a higher level by using repositories of state police and county court records, rather than much-relied upon private data bases that aren’t as up-to-date in ascertaining an employee’s past history and background.”

One of the primary ways U.S. Security saves

companies money is through an innovative program called SecureFlex, a combination of computer software and expert, hands-on management, said this CEO. The program is designed to provide companies and nonprofit organizations with the security management they require without the fixed cost of hiring an experienced security director and full-time support staff.

Companies and nonprofits that would benefit from SecureFlex, Wolfson asserted, include the hospitality, health-care, water and chemical, banking, utilities, defense, manufacturing and entertainment industries, in addition to schools, religious entities and charitable organizations.

Security guards from Day & Zimmermann

Security guards from Day & Zimmermann

Security Has Company

But U.S. Security is not alone in the field. Other prominent national and international security companies that offer consulting services include Philadelphia’s Day & Zimmermann.

Day & Zimmermann’s Maureen Omrod, director of marketing brand and public relations, said that the company, founded in 1901, offers a comprehensive portfolio of security services, such as armed and unarmed guards; on-site roving patrols and in-house reception security; investigations and consulting on a variety of concerns that can include emergency preparedness; current security technology; and security programs.

“We serve a diverse client base that ranges from commercial real estate to heavy industrial, such as nuclear power plants,” she said, adding, “overall, we’re seeing more and more companies re-evaluating their security programs and measures.”

Price depends very much on the type, location and what exactly is required for a particular job, including training, she said, as well as the extent of the contract, which can be for a few days to much longer.

At Philadelphia’s Front Line Security Co., in business for more than 18 years, Edna Reddick, the company’s business administrator, talked about its services: “We provide security guard services in connection with our specialty, which is protective crime prevention. We operate throughout Pennsylvania, with plans to expand to nearby states.”

She continued: “With the threat of security breakdowns greater than ever because of so much economic and other instability in the world today, the need for companies, individuals and organizations to be safe and to play it safe is at an all-time high. Added and tighter security is so greatly needed today at all levels because there are so many dissatisfied people in society.”



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